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Dr. Laura Greene

Coordinator of Alternative Education


Dr. Laura Greene is the Coordinator of Alternative Education for Stamford Public Schools. Prior to coming to Stamford Public Schools, she worked as a teacher, Assistant Principal, and Principal with CT Unified School District #1.

Dr. Greene brings 30 valuable years of experience to the SPS Anchor Program. She has dedicated her entire career teaching, modeling, coaching, and empowering students and teachers to purposeful student-centered learning practices and successes.  Just a few testaments of her dedication to students and educators include winning the Educational Leadership Outstanding Cooperative Administrator Award and US Region 1 Teacher of the Year Award.

One long-term goal that Dr. Greene developed upon her appointment at SPS was to implement an ongoing, all-inclusive, and intentional approach to building a positive school climate, while moving from a traditional teaching & learning model to a mastery-project based teaching and learning model.

“Transforming a school from a tutoring and traditional teaching and learning model into a mastery, project-based learning environment with a positive school climate continues to require commitment, learning, perseverance, and collaboration, often in unison. Resistance is inevitable and the challenge of resistance is part of the learning process. It is during times of resistance that staff and students need to know and see I do not give up on them, the support I provide is infinite, and like them, I am open to being vulnerable.”


Dr. Greene holds a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership and Management, Master of Science Degree in Remedial Reading and Language Arts, and Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education.  Her educational certifications include Intermediate Administration and Supervision, Reading and Language Arts Consultant, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and Teaching Grades K-8.