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Portrait of a Graduate



Our portrait of a graduate lays the foundation for purpose-driven learning at Anchor. This collection of knowledge, skills, and dispositions allows all students to have clarity about why their learning matters to their future success. 



Classroom instruction at Anchor is personalized to a students’ individual needs and aligned to a mastery-based framework that allows for students to show what they know in authentic and meaningful ways before progressing to new learning. Our instructional look-fors offer school leaders and teachers the opportunity to establish clarity around strategies that create the conditions for the best possible learning experience for students. 




“Help is always there when you need it.” 

“I love coming in every morning, being greeted by teachers. They will always check up on you. If you miss [school] they will check. They really care about you.”

“At my last school I was always stressed with the expectations and timelines. At Anchor I they find a way to work with me.”


“I wouldn’t be the man I am today if it wasn’t for this school.”