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Staff Directory


Administration & Office Staff

Name Title

Laura Greene, Ed.D.        

Coordinator of Alternative Education

Jessica Bromberg-Alvarado Mastery-Based Teaching and Learning Coach
Melanie Jackson Office Support Staff
Enna Morrobel Family & Parent Facilitator
Jose Candacho School Nurse


Student Support Staff

Name Title
Melissa Williams School Counselor
Mina BiBeault School Social Worker
Michelle Fico School Social Worker

Corey Toby

School Social Worker

Anthony Buzzeo

Special Education Teacher

Kristian Bauman Special Education Teacher


English Teachers

Name Title
Kirsten Cianci English Teacher

Ashley Johnson

English Teacher.                                             

Ryan Perkins

English Teacher


Math Teachers

Name Title
      Jennifer Chichester             Math Teacher                                     
      Laurie Svezia             Math Teacher      
      Wilgem Villavicencio             Math Teacher      


Social Studies/science Teachers

Name Title 
Rob Trifone Science Teacher       

Robert Johnson                             

Science Teacher

David Guinta

Social Studies Teacher

Mary Martin Social Studies Teacher
Justin Scully Social Studies Teacher
Filippo Simone Social Studies Teacher                                        


PHysical Education TEacher

Name Title 
Ryan Carey                             Physical Education/Health                   



Name Title
Teaetta DeSuzio Security                      
Roy Richardson Security